African Animal Essences

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21. Monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops)
Monkey Essence: It helps us be more focused, to join groups and thus to learn the rules of behavior. On the body level: It connects us with the lightness of being, with our vital energy and with our sense of humor in a playful way. We learn to take things with greater lightness, and thus life is not so-heavy to live. It allows us greater flexibility and mobility and stubbornness disappears. On the emotional level: It connects us to our inner child and our sense of humor. We learn that we may take things more lightly and in a playful way and we learn to flow through life. It is an essence for those who are very worried and who can never be quiet or focused. It helps us focus internally and to develop tranquility. On the spiritual level: We learn that behind that lightness and laughter there is great wisdom. It helps take life with lightness and enjoy it at every moment. We also learn to adapt ourselves to social structures in a playful way and to recognize clearly hierarchies and ranks. We develop a positive view of life and learn to adapt ourselves to changes. The monkey essence provides a highly developed social behavior and helps us consider the community in everything that we do as we learn that we are a part of The Whole.

22. Elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Elephant Essence: The essence helps sensitive people, who very often overreact, to be able to set clear limits and to protect themselves more effectively. On the body level: The essence provides us with great strength, stability and protection. At the same time, it strengthens our sensory perception. We learn to listen to the other people, to perceive, to better understand other people´s necessities and to communicate with others. On the emotional level: It helps open our hearts. We learn to move gracefully with great sensibility and refined perception. We learn to pay attention to the community and to assume responsibilities. On the spiritual level: The elephant represents the wisdom on Earth. The essence reminds us that Everything is a Unit and it provides protection and makes us feel respectful towards human life. Sensitive people learn to trust in this protection and to feel a union with God in the unit of Everything-that-It-Is.

23. Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)
Hippopotamus Essence: These vibrational energetic natural Animal Essence provides the feeling of being satisfied with ourselves. It is good to offer inner peace. It helps you rest and feel at peace with yourself. On the body level: The essence gives us self-confidence and a pleasant feeling regarding our body, it also improves our way of walking avoiding getting our feet hurt so easily. This essence is highly recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation period. On the emotional level: The essence helps us pay attention to our feelings and to our instincts so we will be making fewer mistakes when making our decisions. As a result we will be more self-assured and will feel more satisfied with our decisions. Feelings become part of our life and we are able to be more loving with other people enjoying the warmth of emotional proximity On the spiritual level: We will be more sincere with ourselves and with our feelings and, upon being honest with ourselves we will be honest with other people. We learn that only the truth takes us forward. If we say what we feel and think, and if we do what we say, we can be internally happy.

24. Gnu (Connochaetes gnou)
Gnu Essence: It helps us find our limits. The essence strengthens our ability to stay in our position, gives civic values and provides us the courage to experiment and develop our true potential. On the body level: The essence enhances our yang aspect, supports our male part, our strength, our resistance and the ability to be able to stay in our position. On the emotional level: The essence provides a clear will power. We know what we want and we can also articulate it clearly, learning to impose ourselves softly but vigorously. The essence helps us recognize our limits clearly and by learning to defend our space, it gives us protection and limits. On the spiritual level: The essence provides a precise connection with our Higher Self. We clearly feel what we want, what is important and the right thing for us is. Note: During the preparation of the essence, three gnus stood in front of me in the savanna. They communicated through their horns. While I prepared the essence the three of them sang rhythmically together. When the elaboration process was finished, their song also finished and I thanked them.

25. Leopard (Panthera pardus)
Leopard Essence: The essence promotes elegance, speed and skill. We learn to use our forces where it is worth it, we learn to care about other people and respect them. On the body level: The essence helps us improve our physical sensation. We learn to use our strength in a better way. It is recommended to athletes so that they can improve their performance. On the emotional level: The essence helps to use our strength accurately. We develop a more refined sense of when and what it is worth to use our strength for. It can help people develop greater self-esteem by increasing their self-confidence and becoming more courageous. On the spiritual level: The essence gives us confidence, both in our own capabilities and strength, the boundaries of which will be established with greater ease by us. We will be also confident in God and his Guidance for our lives. See also the Snow Leopard essence.

26. Lion (Panthera leo)
Lion Essence: It gives us greater security and self-confidence, helps us focus on ourselves and enjoy life being able to feel good even though we are the center of attention of other people. On the body level: It helps us to stay calm and focused so that we can concentrate on our inner strength. If we act from our center, we can use our strength with power and effectiveness. On the emotional level: The essence helps us increase our self-esteem and our self-awareness. We trust in our own strength and so we can release our fears. We learn to be calm and focused and to look at the difficult situations from a far distance. We are aware of our strength and so we can interact with others with greater confidence and take our place in society. On the spiritual level: The essence helps us recognize our strength and use it. We remember our union with God, our Creator, from which emanates all power and beauty, and we allow them to flow through our lion heart.

27. Rhino (Ceratotherium simum)
Rhino Essence: It represents the archaic principle of the yang energy (masculine energy). It helps us impose ourselves and strengthen our willpower. On the body level: The essence helps us release internal energy reserves and it also strengthens our masculinity and our sexual power. It strengthens our life force and our libido. On the emotional level: The essence helps us increase and strengthen our self-confidence. We learn to release our inner fears and we become aware of our strength. It provides strength, gives new yang energy and we learn to better protect ourselves and to defend our point of view. It strengthens our will and our self fulfilment. We are confident in our masculine force and learn to use it in a conscious way, without causing damage. On the spiritual level: The rhino is often associated with the unicorn, which, in mythology, would be the result of a rhino with a horse, or with a narwhal, which also has a central horn. This horn represents our connection to God and the Divine Force. It enables the access to the ancient wisdom of the Earth and reminds us of our connection with Mother Earth. As a power animal, it protects and defends us. We learn to positively use our strength, and as we are aware of our union with the Divine Source, we are able to control our violence.

28. Ostrich (Struthio camelus)
Ostrich Essence: The essence can help people who always tend to avoid doing things directly. It helps those who prefer getting away from the problems, fleeing and avoiding them, rather than tackling them. On the body level: The essence is stimulating. The ostrich is an animal that loves movement so it can lead us to move, to do sport and to keep our body in shape, strong and healthy. On the emotional level: The essence can help us release old patterns. Rather than adopting evasive behavior when there is some problem and difficulty in our life, the essence strengthens our self-esteem. Fears can be overcome, we can develop some courage to directly face our problems and toughness rather than avoiding them and fleeing as we did previously. It is an essence that works very well in problems of addiction, since the addict doesn't want to see their own pains and wounds and takes refuge in their addictive behavior. In order to escape from reality they consume alcohol or other drugs. In the same way as the ostrich "hides its head in the sand"; we release these patterns when we stop closing our eyes to the truth and to the uncomfortable reality. On the spiritual level: The essence helps us develop confidence in our own strength and in our ability to solve problems. As a result, we are more reliable; we encourage our social behavior and trust in Divine Protection within our life. We understand that difficulties and challenges can represent opportunities in our lives that help us grow internally and mature. We comprehend that, at the end of the day, we are the only ones who attract these difficulties or the people that cause them, until we are ready and mature enough to recognize the lesson of life, to accept it and grow through it.

29. Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Eagle Essence: The essence helps us sharpen and expand our vision, capturing the essence and keeping a complete picture of life. On the body level: The essence helps us energetically strengthen and refresh our eyes. It helps us have our minds clear and see what is essential. On the emotional level: The essence helps us develop greater self-confidence, more courage and strength of action and release fears. It gives us a broader vision of life so that we do not get lost in emotions and in details. We are able to reach our inner potential more easily and we reach higher levels. On the spiritual level: The essence gives us a broader view of our actions. We trust in God's guidance, learn to make our mission in life available to all mankind and see higher goals for our life. We assume full responsibility for our actions, connect with the divine guidance, develop greater self-confidence and we internally reach a new step in our evolution.

30. Snake (Dendroaspis)
snake Snake Essence: The essence stimulates our self-healing forces on the energy level. It stimulates harmony in emotionally intoxicated situations. On the body level: The essence mainly helps us with skin problems. As it has been accepted by some dermatologists, it acts particularly well supporting self-healing powers in the case of psoriasis. In the same way as the snake sheds its skin periodically, this essence can help us during some process of renewal. The essence stimulates our self-healing forces in general, which benefits the immune system. On the emotional level: The essence helps us through difficult times, when we feel attacked and unfairly treated. It helps us develop greater confidence in ourselves and thus we can be more aloof. It also encourages our sexual power and our vital force. It helps us to consciously manage our aggression. It teaches us that the venom can have both meanings: death and healing. On the spiritual level: It promotes the Kundalini energy. It connects us energetically to the Earth and the spiritual plane, which promotes our life force. It makes us connect with our origins and at the same time, with a higher consciousness. It guides us through the "Book of Wisdom of Life" and awakens our inner self-healing forces. Note: In Costa Rica, we had invited some indigenous people to attend a conference free of charge and they thanked us by inviting us to their village in the forest. While we were going to the village, we came across a snake. It was as if it was waiting for us and thus we made the essence. Throughout the preparation, the animal did not move one iota when we ended the preparation; it immediately disappeared in the bushes. Even the indigenous people were surprised.

Power Animal

How do I find my essence? In the spiritual level, you can find your animal through meditation (see more at the end of the book - Journey to the inner world). Through a great empathy and love towards an animal. Through an encounter in nature or an intense visual contact. Sometimes, you can be bitten by an animal. In shamanism, this means that the animal has chosen us to carry its force. If we receive the figure of an animal as a present or if it is given to us in any other way, e.g. when we find feathers. Through very real encounters with animals, when we play with it or touch it, etc. In our dreams, when an animal is presented to us repeatedly and it talks to us. What can power animal do for us? It can help us make important decisions through its advice. It can help us balance our body on the energy level, purify it, transform it, make old patterns disappear and disintegrate old energy. During healing treatments, it can settle important vibrations. By providing support to our self-esteem, it can help us overcome our fears and to move internal constraints. It can help us to awaken inwardly. Through its vibration, it can provide support to our self-healing processes. It can show us our power and vital energy level, and what we can do to reset and keep them. It protects our vital energy and it can guide us to the spiritual level since God can talk to us through the animals.

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