European Animal Essences

PHI Essences from the Netherlands offers Animal Essences since 1992

1. Bear (Ursus arctos)
Bear Essence: The bear conveys the idea of strength and kindness. In everyday speech it is said "to have the strength of a bear". On the body level: It helps us recover our strength when we feel lacking energy or strength. It also helps us release a higher potential of strength during a sport competition and it helps people gradually recover their energy after a long illness. On the emotional level: It strengthens our self-confidence and opens our heart. We learn to release our inner fears and to develop self-confidence and kindness. We notice our own strength and enjoy being able to protect others and to show kindness toward other people. We learn to communicate clearly with other people and to develop tenderness. On the spiritual level: The bear teaches us the importance of hearing our inner voice and become creators of our life. By shaping our lives, we prepare the changes and create something new. We learn to act, on the basis of our strength, in accordance with God and nature and so we find stability and inner guidance being able to help others with our protection and strength. Note: during the preparation of the essence I saw the bear standing on its hind legs and communicating through the heart. When I finished the preparation, it returned to its four legs.

2. Fire Salamander (Salamander maculosa)
Salamander Essence: It lovingly reminds us of our past and it helps us integrate it. The amphibians represent a very old evolutionary scale within the history of the evolution of the animal kingdom. On the body level: The salamander helps balance the fire of the people and regenerate it. The fire is force of action, fulfillment, heat, creative power, enthusiasm and sexuality. If we have used too much of this energy, we have an energy imbalance. The salamander helps us regenerate this force and balance its energy. In acupuncture, the essence acts very well on the meridian points corresponding to fire element. It possesses a strong regeneration force. On the emotional level: The Salamander helps us use our force to heal old wounds. Certain feelings that have been injured in the past can be healed on the energy level. We become aware of our rich inheritance and thus our self-esteem increases.

On the spiritual level: Salamander essence can help people who are rootless, either by having emigrated or by not knowing their parents or their origin. It lovingly reminds us of our origin through dreams and sensations. Thus, we are allowed to look at our origins full of rich traditions that make us proud and increase our self-esteem. If in this aspect there were some conflicts or problems, the essence would help develop comprehension and humility so that old conflicts can be released and they are no longer blockages and our love towards life can fully develop. We can lovingly integrate our cultural and genetic origin.

3. Frog (Rana esculenta)
On the body level: The frog helps us get free from obstructions that were created as a result of accumulation of feelings. Repressed emotions take us automatically to body blockages and tense muscles. We feel inwardly crowded. Utmost, this can be one of the causes by which we get cancer.

On the emotional level: The essence helps us accept our true deepest feelings. We enter our interior emotional world and thus we happily jump towards our soul which just then can free itself of large burden strengthening our self-esteem and we get the courage to take the next step i.e. we get closer to other people instead of simply ignoring our feelings and turning a blind eye. By interacting with other people, we take part in group dynamics similar to a chorus that will let us achieve extraordinary results. On the spiritual level: The leap towards our feelings generates a liberating blow. We learn that we can continue developing inwardly by expressing our emotions. We learn the importance of keeping our emotional field "clean". The frog can help us heal old deep emotional wounds, release blockages and be able to show our feelings freely instead of drowning ourselves in them. As animals of cold blood, the frog shows us how to express our feelings without drowning in them. Note: During the elaboration of the essence something extraordinary happened: In a corner of the pond, there were many frogs together that were there to help me in the elaboration of the essence. At the beginning there was silence, but just as I started with the elaboration, all the frogs began with a rhythmic song, in unison which ceased when the elaboration of the essence had finished. At that time, I could only feel gratitude and respect towards the Creation of God.

4. Hare (Lepus europaeus)
Hare essence: This essence increases the capacity for empathy and perception, especially the listening capacity. Our perception becomes sharp and we are more sensitive to the environment. There is a German saying: "Sei kein Hasenfuss" which literally translated means “Don't be a rabbit's foot" which popularly means that one must learn to cope with the obligations and fears. On the body level: The hare essence increases our vital energy and our vitality. We become fresher and more attentive and it also increases our sexuality. It works as an energy source of renewal by increasing our attention and exacerbating our senses. The essence especially works on the listening capacity, the ears and our acoustic ability.

Many people are permanently exposed to background noise or damage their ears when listening to loud music. It is currently very difficult to find a peaceful place, free of noises. The essence places us in our center and increases our power of concentration. We learn to listen to the others paying attention to what they say, to perceive acoustically, but also to hear once again our inner voice. On the emotional level: By having a better perception of ourselves and of the exterior, our feeling of security is increased. We are once again safe and centered. We recover our courage and as a result many fears disappear. Through the increase of our energy, we are again conscious of our vital energy and then we are able to get closer to other people and we regain confidence. So fears of closeness may disappear and we become more loving. The increase in our vitality also increases our self-healing forces. On the spiritual level: We are no longer victims. In the same way that the hare serves as food for other animals, the fact that the smallest sacrifice themselves for the greatest and it will thus become part of something greater is a law of nature. Thanks to new self-confidence, we learn to overcome our fears and to modify our behavior toward fleeing. We also learn to deal with our problems and trust in God's protection. This is mainly an aid for people with problems of drug abuse and other addiction problems. The wounds of the inner child and the behavior related to the position of victim and the feeling of helplessness can be transformed.

5. Dragonfly (Libellula odonata)
Dragonfly Essence: This is an essence that helps us take our emotions from murky waters to the mental transparent plane. It unites the elements water and air, the emotional and the intellectual planes. Being a larva, it lives in murky waters, which correspond to our emotional level, and then it flies to the freedom of the mind. On the body level: If we feel trapped by our feelings and moods and may even develop symptoms such as headaches, contractures and even depression, the essence helps us transform this on the energy level and to dissolve it. On the emotional level: We learn to control our emotions so that "we do not fish passively in the murky” and we can get away from the role of victims and the feeling of dread and helplessness. The essence strengthens our intuition and promotes empathy. On the spiritual level: We learn to better use our knowledge. We go beyond our emotions and we see our goal clearly and precisely. The essence gives us the wisdom to learn from our mistakes, to use our knowledge and our power properly. It helps us replace old patterns and it frees us inwardly. We communicate directly with God and thus we give a new meaning to our actions. Note: Some years ago, during a meditation, we received the call for help of the last Yangtze River dolphins, a member of our group traveled to the Far East to help them by activating the water with Delph essence. He did not feel quite sure regarding when and where to work. It was then that dragonflies appeared showing each time where and how he should perform the water activation. This fact was repeated a few times and the dragonflies were always present.

6. Hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum)
Hawk moth Essence: It helps you choose the right path, gives lightness and frees you from stiff situations. The essence breaks away from fixed patterns. On the body level: The hawk moth helps us clear our minds when the same thoughts are repeated over and over again and when we have the sensation of being as in an inner fog. A static thinking frequently also generates a rigid posture and tension mainly on the back and shoulder area. If we become aware of this, the essence can help us free ourselves internally and be more relaxed. On the emotional level: It helps us become free of devious feelings that appear from old patterns. It helps us become aware and differentiate our behavior from that of our father or of our mother. It is precisely in situations of stress that we tend to behave exactly the same way as our parents – even though that is something we strongly dislike.

During these situations, we generate such an internal pressure that it is visible at all levels, feeling internally miserable. The essence provides a fresh breeze to our emotional world. We recognize the things that do not belong to us and so it will be easier to let them go, and then we´ll feel internally relieved and released. On the spiritual level: This is an essence of transformation, liberation and development of the soul. As soon as we free ourselves from static patterns, we begin to breathe internally and our own beauty and our spiritual potential can radiate outward.

7. Peacock (Argusianus argus)
Peacock essence: The essence helps those people who do not accept themselves as they are. It gives them inner joy and respect toward themselves, promoting empathy toward honesty and dignity. On the body level: People who do not consider themselves pretty, frequently, suffer from solitude and live into their shells. They often have a "Cinderella existence" and the essence can help them have a normal life. The current ideals of beauty, from the world of fashion, show quasi starving models, which is a harmful influence, mainly for young people, who are in puberty and in a stage of life in which they are trying to discover their true selves. Teens often feel that do not have the ideal body shape, they believe that they are fat and if this is associated with emotional problems, they can develop eating disorders, which may even be life-threatening. On the emotional level: The peacock may increase our self-esteem, our own sense of worth and can provide us with internal stability and firmness, giving us great charisma. We learn that true beauty comes from within and that as a result of a higher self-esteem; we are able to be ourselves and take pride in it. Eventually, we learn to pay attention to our clothes and our appearance and to love and care for our body, to practice some sport, to move and to pay attention to our food, since it is worth to ourselves. On the spiritual level: The peacock provides dignity and charisma. It shows us the clothing of our soul and how we can reflect our true inner beauty. We learn to find paradise on Earth and we can "dance" our life. We learn to be grateful to God for our bodies and our health, to love and to keep us healthy and to consciously take care of ourselves.

8. Horse (Equidae)
Horse Essence: It connects us with the feeling of amplitude and of the beauty of nature. The essence gives flexibility and mobility. On the body level: It helps us to better perceive our body. We learn to respect and love our body. We understand the importance of taking care of it. We can learn how good it is to do the exercise needed for our general welfare in the open air and by doing this we perceive our body differently. It strengthens the blood circulation, our lungs work better, the toxins and impurities of our body can be dissolved and eliminated. According to the German saying "When I rest, I rust" (Rast ich, so rost ich), we learn that there´s a sport for every age. By practicing some sport, we achieve greater flexibility and have a clearer head and in this way we experience that our sense of vitality is increased. On the emotional level: The essence helps us to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. We learn to love ourselves, increasing our sense of wellbeing. We develop a new strength and courage and we dare to take a new leap in our lives. We also learn to better connect with the earth in a way and to increase our strength and our vital energy. We will want to experience new things in our lives and we will feel internally free and full of strength. On the spiritual level: The horse essence helps us free ourselves internally, to break old spiritual ties and to move forward in our life. We experience the grace and inner pride of these animals that make their home in the grasslands. In the same way, we feel inwardly free, breathing deeply and enjoying the beauty of the nature of God. We experience ourselves as Creations of God, we learn to respect and love ourselves enjoying life and nature gratefully.

9. Deer (Capreolus capreolus)
Deer Essence: This essence conveys humility and modesty. On the body level: The deer helps us sharpen our senses, such as sight, hearing and touch sensitivity in our hands. We develop greater sensitivity and our perceptions regarding our inner world as well as the outer world are improved. We develop greater touch sensitivity and our body energy flows better and, as a result, our self-healing forces are stimulated and our wounds heal easily. On the emotional level: The essence of deer gives us a better perception of our heart encouraging its qualities, such as humility, modesty and faith. We learn to release the inner role of victim and to open ourselves again to life; we can trust the others again. It gives us the memory and the healing of certain parts of the soul of our inner child that we had thought lost. But, it also warns us of some dangers and opens our eyes to the subtle energy, toward the perception of the intangible. On the spiritual level: The deer essence helps us, as a transformer of images, to rely on the prosecution and the healing of our connection with our soul, to listen to the soul, to understand it and to experience a renewal in our confidence toward God.

10. Cow (Bos primigenius f. Taurus)
Cow Essence: The essence creates a bond between humans and animals. Some aspects such as peaceful coexistence and confidence are strengthened. >On the body level: People who suffer from lactose intolerance when taking the essence felt an improvement on the energy level. The essence stimulates the breasts and the production of milk during breastfeeding. On the emotional level: The essence helps women regarding motherhood and it also encourages them develop the unconditional motherly love and so women prepare positively towards motherhood and accept it as a gift from God. If case of those who are having problems with their mother, this essence can help achieve a better understanding of her and to balance the harmony on the energy level. We are able to develop new confidence. On the spiritual level: The cow essence is the connection with the inner goddess, with the sacred women and with femininity. We understand that all life is interconnected. Women understand that giving life to the next generation is not only a gift but also a responsibility. We also learn to reconnect with animals, because cows and cattle are animals that connect us with the animal Kingdom. We recognize the Divine Creation in all living beings and learn to protect it and preserve it.

11. Sheep (Ovis ammon f. Aries)
Sheep Essence: This essence helps us develop more compassion when we are too oriented towards a goal. On the body level: The essence can help relieve the muscle tension that appears as a result of being inflexible and stubborn. These people have often a sore neck/spine. This rigid point of view can also lead to migraines and headaches. On the emotional level: The essence can help us develop more compassion in our hearts. We learn to deal with the others and ourselves more lovingly and to be gentler with ourselves and with others. And as a result, we can approach others in a better way and, at the same time, we leave aside our stubbornness in order to take into account the opinions and points of view of other people. We learn to stop pressuring ourselves and also to treat the others with more kindness and tenderness. On the spiritual level: We learn to release internally and to take things as they are. We relax deeply and also learn to listen to our inner voice and our dreams, and to rely more on our feelings, on our inner voice and on the guidance of God.

12. Butterfly (Nymphalis urticae)
Butterfly Essence: Butterfly gives us support in difficult situations. It is the essence of transformation and lightness, it frees our soul and it helps us to recognize the inner potential of our soul. On the body level: The butterfly essence is useful for those who take life too seriously and that also suffer under the weight of it. A drooping shoulder and a slightly bent posture are typical in these persons. The essence helps straighten up internally. It helps us release the unnecessary things and be able to transform ourselves. The essence can also be used to accompany those who are going death, along with the floral essence of victoria regia (victoria Amazon), the world's largest water lily. (During the preparation of this essence, there were many swarms of butterflies present). On the emotional level: The essence helps us develop greater self-esteem and confidence. You can release fears of change, old ways of thinking and living habits. Some thoughts and patterns of behavior can disappear and be transformed. Through this process of inner cleansing we can leave behind the many things that are old and outdated and create a feeling of lightness and a new meaning of life. On the spiritual level: The essence helps us understand when it is the appropriate moment to release our soul and recognize our potential. By leaving old habits aside, patterns of thought and behavior, we can reach the next step in our development and find the way to the beautiful colors of our soul and to the source of our being within our trust in God.

13. Swan (Cygnus olor)
Swan Essence: By showing beauty and life in harmony, it helps us free ourselves of our fears and limitations. On the body level: Fears and uneasiness can often lead to sleep disorders or nightmares. Discomfort, numbness, sweaty palms, etc. may be symptoms of fear. The essence can help us to get away from our fears, so that we can understand them and so the symptoms may disappear automatically. On the emotional level: Swans often come near us and then it suddenly croaks. They can also fly toward us and try to drive us away if we are in a rowboat and it feels threatened or sees us as a threat to its nest. So, this is how it tests us as if it is asking: ´Are you afraid?´ Very often, we want to believe that we know our fears and master them, but the swan goes a step beyond, working with the ancestral fears, the original confidence. These fears can be displayed in the form of self-doubt, sadness, loneliness or feelings of *Weltschmerz. All these fears are often triggered by traumatic experiences. From the evolutionary point of view, the swan is a very old animal, which emerged from the evolution of dinosaurs. In the same way, it reflects the ancestral fears, those that are hidden very deep, of which we are often not even aware. When we become aware of them, we are able to understand them. The swan essence helps us to release them by strengthening our self-esteem and our self-confidence. Courage takes the place of fear. The effect of this essence was shown through electrocardiograms (tests performed in the Haffelder's Institute for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart, Germany). On the spiritual level: Swan helps us to find the true grace of our soul, to release and to clean old fears. It leads to the feeling of a higher inspiration and teaches us to follow the steps towards the true love of the heart, to take time for beauty and rest; it eventually inspires us artistically, so that our soul can be expressed. It helps us trust our inner voice and God.

14. Seal (Photo vitulina)
Seal Essence: The essence gives us the possibility to understand the playful lightness and we learn to flow through life. On the body level: "Laughter is the best medicine". Under this slogan, the seal essence helps us flow internally, it "relaxes" us. When we take life too seriously, we tense up. When the weight of life is located very heavily on our backs, our shoulders hang down and, over time, our body takes a stooped position. The seal can help us straight up internally, relax and find a natural body posture. It also gives great joy and ease when dealing with other people stimulating a playful attitude towards your own body, loving yourself and also your partner. On the emotional level: The essence helps to free our minds of the concerns with material causes, to meet with our inner joy as well as with the feeling of freedom and to feel lighter. Mainly in materialistic societies, in which the main value is only consumption, many people spend less and less time with their friends, children and family. The seal helps us find new parameters and experience again the simple things i.e share the joy with other people, feel the love together with those we love; sit and play with the kids, with friends or with the family. A rigid mentality can be released to make room for joy. We learn to take things more lightly and so we can enjoy flowing through life. We rediscover the ancestral confidence and love. On the spiritual level: The essence helps us remember our childhood and the feeling of playful lightness. It helps us re-connect with our soul and our inner child, giving us the feeling of joy and spontaneity. It connects us back to our collective being, our family and our friends. We experience and see life as a game, which can also be played with joy and lightness. By connecting with our soul, we rediscover the emotion of the ancestral confidence, love, healing, and the intuition that all is one with God.

15. Spider (Araneus diadematus)
Spider Essence: The spider can help us better perceive emotions within a group or family. It helps us release, develop greater interaction and have unconditional respect.

On the body level: The spider can help us develop more vital energy. It helps us become aware of who or what interferes with our vital energy (parasites) in order to get rid of it. This way, we let our vital energy to flow freely and strengthen our self-healing power, and as a result our vital wires become stronger and so we no longer entangle on other webs.

On the emotional level: Spider essence strengthens our perception. It is placed in the middle of its web and wants to control everything. It also leads us to the darkest corners, so that we become aware about the situation there and that we can restore order if it were necessary. If you are afraid of spiders, ask yourself why. How willing are you to allow others their freedom, without manipulating or controlling them? The essence helps us develop a new way of relating to others and to release our fears. We learn to free ourselves from heavy energies and we also learn to give freedom to other people as well as and unconditional love. It involves dissolving the interwoven emotional situations, the ones that make us and other people unhappy.

On the spiritual level: The spider can make us aware of the scope of our life in which we stay stuck in the unfortunate role of victim. We learn to see beyond the edge of the web and so we are able to let ourselves and others go, freeing ourselves from the web of dependency. We consciously abandon the role of victim and experience how nice it is to become aware and to be the architects of our own reality. We leave the darkness of being the victim and we learn to develop our dreams as conscious persons.

16. Goat / Ibex (Capra ibex)
Ibex Essence: The goat helps us develop a more loving heart and be able to deal more playfully with material things. It provides softness, tenderness, joy and tolerance towards life.

On the body level: Here, the goat essence helps us take things with more easiness. It helps us release internal tensions and stiffness that could have formed as a result of behaving extremely responsible and hard towards ourselves. It also helps be able to relax the face and muscular tension, which could have appeared as a result of excessive discipline and too much eagerness to work. It helps us stand upright inside and to strengthen our backbone and our joints, when, due to our warrior behavior we have been too harsh with ourselves or when the material things are weighing too much. It connects us to the Earth and strengthens the joints of the feet and knees. We become more flexible and free.

On the emotional level: The goat helps us develop greater discipline and to be able to persevere. It strengthens our self-confidence, our will, our tenacity and our willingness to work so that we can perform our action by ourselves. Besides, it can help us to live with more joy and lightness in our life. We learn that life does not always have to be a struggle and we can also let things flow. We learn to take things with greater ease, and when interacting with other people, we reach them softly.

On the spiritual level: The goats live in the higher mountainous regions where people feel united to the earth and the sky. It gives us security and firmness. We learn to keep the internal balance between above and below; we learn to develop a higher vision of things. We learn that matter should be to our service and not the other way round. By facing our own shadow, we can better understand things like death or loss, old age or disease. Sometimes, the goat doesn't choose the easiest path in life, taking the rocky steep one instead. It takes us through the ups and downs of our lives and helps us develop our inner value. The goat connects us with the highest spirituality, where we develop a clear confidence toward God.

17. Stork (Ciconia ciconia)
Stork Essence: Stork essence helps stressed people to focus and develop inner tranquility again. It also represents the inner child and the joy within each one. On the body level: The stork brings inner peace and balance. In the same way that it can stand for hours on one leg, it helps us reach our inner peace and feel comfortable and safe. It acts against stress and it helps us lower the continuous acceleration of life and to adapt ourselves to our own pace It also helps fertility. As soon as we go back to our center, our strength can be expanded, and we automatically become more receptive.

On the emotional level: It gives confidence and protection. We develop greater peace and tranquility. We get in touch with our inner child, discover our playful lightness and are able to feel joy and desire to laugh again.

On the spiritual level: The stork represents the beginnings, the capacity of feeling well, the blessings and the wealth. As a migratory bird, it is also considered a symbol for travel, for changes and for going towards new horizons feeling confident in the Divine Protection.

18. Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo)
eagle owl
Owl Essence: It helps us strengthen our senses and be able to identify what is good and correct for us and what is not. It is very good for spiritual cleansing.

On the body level: This essence helps you achieve greater self-discipline and control of the body. The owl is upright and knows when the right time to accurately use its strength is.

On the emotional level: The owl helps us to overcome our internal unconscious fears, such as fear of the dark or fear of being left alone. With its sharp eyes, the owl is a successful hunter, which can guide us toward the darkness of our internal forest and toward our own shadow. We learn to deploy all our inner potential and to trust in our intuition.

On the spiritual level: It is the bird of wisdom. Its healing mission is to lead us into the darkness of our soul so that we consciously observe our shadow and accept it. It shows us a capacity that is numbed within us and that we must learn how to use it. In the same way that most of the universe is actually dark and empty, and that that is neither good nor bad, it is simply that way; we come to understand that it is precisely there where the power of the universe lies. In the quietness of the night, some visions and ideas are formed; there lies the force of Creation and self-creation in confidence with God. The owl is the master of silence and of wisdom, which challenges us to work with our unconscious and to recognize what the patterns of behavior and programs that prevent us from doing so are and, as a result, we are able to release them lovingly. By doing this, we start a process of growth and maturation, gaining experience to our life.

19. Bison/Wisent (Bison bonasus)
Bison Essence: The bison has a great wisdom within itself. It helps us learn from our experiences and to get some conclusions for our future life.

On the body level: The bison essence gives us strength and endurance. We learn how to use our energy reserves and thus we can also overcome difficult times.

On the emotional level: This essence enriches us with the feeling that we are going to improve our situation. It gives us the certainty that the absenteeism of something is not a permanent state, and we will recognize our strength and we will find the path towards abundance.

On the spiritual level: Bison is a teacher who teaches us to listen patiently and trust our wisdom. Bison essence reminds us of the existence of God and it tells us that we can always rely on Him. We will understand our mistakes and will be able to learn from them.

20. Wolf (Canis lupus)
Wolf Essence: The Wolf essence sharpens the perception of our senses and our concentration. It strengthens our consciousness of a group and its corresponding dynamic.

On the body level: The essence gives us strength and resistance. We learn to use our strength assertively so that we do not give up and go on in order to reach our goals for the sake of us all.

On the emotional level: The wolf helps us to perceive our feelings and also the way in which other people feel within the group or the community. It also gives us the ability to communicate and integrate us better and more clearly in the group.

On the spiritual level: The wolf teaches us the secret of humility. We learn that only the one that is capable of serving can be a good leader. It can help us free ourselves of negative dependencies and teaches us to trust in the guidance of God and to pay attention to our inner voice. This is the way in which we learn to act for the good of everyone.

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