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The healing power of Animal Essences

PHI Essences from the Netherlands is one of the pioneers

Andreas Korte. A nature-biologist and researcher who began making the essences in 1984. He developed the crystal method by which plants and animals are not damaged. In 1989 Andreas Korte explored the orchid essences from the Amazon region and in 1991 he developed the world‘s known Delph® essence. Then he produced the first 10 sea essences, followed by research with animalessences in Europe, Africa, the Amazon and other areas.
Andreas Korte
The animals are neither captured nor harassed. Since 1996, Andreas Korte also works with cropcircles and since 2000 he discovered the Holistic Light Treatment. The resulting animalessence does not contain any animal parts. How do the Animalessences work?

An essence, either from animals or plants, contains, from the chemical point of view, only water (the carrier substance) and alcohol (for its conservation). Today we know that the ones carrying the information are the particles of light of photons; it is the light of the essences. The matter is not what it appears to be. Each object, each body whether is animate or inanimate, in its tiny composition, is in movement or, as it may also be expressed, it vibrates.

The amount of vibrational waves per second is expressed in frequencies. In each one of these frequencies certain information can be modulated. Radio waves operate on the same principle; the waves can emit and receive music or conversations through specific ranges of frequencies. The essences work in a similar way i.e. balancing information that is not in harmony. Through this, there is a new harmony among body, spirit and soul. The misinformation is transformed and self-esteem is increased, and fears disappear and the body's own self-healing processes are activated.

Power Animal

How do I find my power animal? In the spiritual level, you can find your animal through meditation (see more at the end of the book - Journey to the inner world). Through a great empathy and love towards an animal. Through an encounter in nature or an intense visual contact. Sometimes, you can be bitten by an animal. In shamanism, this means that the animal has chosen us to carry its force.

If we receive the figure of an animal as a present or if it is given to us in any other way, e.g. when we find feathers. Through very real encounters with animals, when we play with it or touch it, etc. In our dreams, when an animal is presented to us repeatedly and it talks to us. What can power animal do for us? It can help us make important decisions through its advice. It can help us balance our body on the energy level, purify it, transform it, make old patterns disappear and disintegrate old energy.

During healing treatments, it can settle important vibrations. By providing support to our self-esteem, it can help us overcome our fears and to move internal constraints. It can help us to awaken inwardly. Through its vibration, it can provide support to our self-healing processes. It can show us our power and vital energy level, and what we can do to reset and keep them. It protects our vital energy and it can guide us to the spiritual level since God can talk to us through the animals.

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